God Has Made Everything Beautiful for Me, In His Timing!


Time. It seems to be a killer of dreams. Are you still waiting on deliverance and redemption? Have your dreams been lost in the “not yet?” Our prayers of deliverance fall on seemingly deaf ears! Our redemption is not yet at hand! So- we wait. It’s painful. Utterly helpless, our prayers amount to mere groans as the years’ pass. Dear Lord, do you hear me? And yet, we know He does. We see other people receive the answer to their prayers, deliverance still comes, redemption is at hand for someone, a dream has come true. He answers when he says it’s time.

I will never forget the struggle I had with smoking. I picked up my first cigarette nearing 12 years of age and it became a pack a day addiction by the time I turned just 15 years old. I loved smoking and hated it. My entire life would be organized around it. Whose car would I ride in that would let me smoke? When would there be a smoke break? When can we ride out to the Indian Reserve to buy cigarettes again? Along the way, I made rules for myself which seemed to make me feel better about my addiction. I didn’t smoke inside my home and used an ion air purifier. I prided myself on how well I could hide the terribly smell of the habit. Yet, I lost a boyfriend because of it and smoked through two pregnancies as it kept me chained by its grip. Full blown addiction, my cigarettes had me in bondage. By the time I reached 35 my lungs were just wore out. I hated the cough but still addicted to the stick. As a single parent the cost was unbearable in more ways than one.

I couldn’t quit until….

Just 2 years into my full surrender to the Lord, I heard these audible words,


Time for what, I thought? He responded, “to quit smoking.” My face turned ghost white. Impossible!!

I tried to act in obedience to His command. For the week, I attempted to cut back on my daily allotment. 5 days in, then 6, until I finally exploded. I screamed, “I can’t!”, as I smoked every cigarette left in the pack that night. The next morning came and I had no cigarettes.

I never bought another pack. I cannot explain my freedom clearer except to say I was completely delivered from the habit. I tried to smoke my sister’s cigarettes and my neighbor’s cigarettes but I was 100% set free. The smoke made my lungs convulse in such an uncontrollable way I could never inhale again. To this day, I don’t understand how God did it. I just know that even when my flesh would try to smoke, my body fully rejected it. I surrendered to my new freedom. Life without cigarettes! What a glorious day of deliverance.

Looking back, around eight years ago, IT WAS TIME.

If you are waiting on God, hold on, He will answer you when it’s time! You will receive the fullness of your request, complete deliverance, dreams answered, a heart fulfilled!

Ecclesiastes 3:11

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

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  1. Kelly Rae says:

    Excellent, beautiful, powerful reminder of TRUTH!! His best is always worth the wait. Thanks, sistah!

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