A Dream of Crosses – WARN THE LIVING

A Dream of Crosses – WARN THE LIVING

God gave me a dream of crosses. At first, I thought my dream was revealing my disappointed heart. The years prior, I had been in seminary working towards my MDiv but had yet to hear from God regarding my direction. The message boards on assignment were filled with those who had callings to become Chaplins, Pastors, Teachers, Missionaries and it seemed I was nearly the only student without a direction. My heart ached but I pressed forward believing I would receive the “title” to my calling and be able to make a living following the call. However, the years passed as I continued to struggle as a single mom. Even years after I completed my education, life would prove to be difficult as each church turned me down for employment. Door after door was shut. The Lord gave me a dream.

I was standing near an old barn type building that reminded me of a warehouse. It seemed large, stable and I knew it was well established. I was passing out flyers, pieces of paper or pamphlets to people who were coming to and then leaving the barn. Some couples came in together and some singles too but nobody really stood out except for the crosses they had. The people who entered the barn came out with the most amazing crosses on sticks. They were all unique and seemed to be hand carved out of wood. The people would hold them high. I noticed one couple that had a cross carved within a cross so it was like a double cross. It was so beautiful and they seemed very happy. I watched the smiling couple get into their car and begin to drive away from the barn down a long winding road. I could see that cross as they held it so high for all to see as they drove away from the barn.

When I woke up I thought to myself, wow. My heart is so broken, this is not fair! I considered the barn to be the schooling of the Lord, a wise foundation. Very old but very reliable. I was sad that other people were given a cross but I was only allowed to hand out the flyers and not permitted to leave. I reasoned to the Lord, had I not entered the same barn? What made those people so special and why had I been left out.

Years later I would learn of my grave peril and error of my futile thoughts about the dream of the people leaving with their crosses. I had learned what happened to those who left the barn through the witness and testimony of others who had been taken to hell. There are lakes of fire in hell with those crosses still being displayed above them. Their souls already judged and condemned. There is nothing left to do but warn the living. Many years have passed as I’ve watched those who claim to love Jesus, chase the desires of their own hearts. They don’t know him at all. Marriages and Ministries broken, torn apart by the inflamed lust of this world. So many people attend church that really don’t believe the Bible is true at all. They live in all kinds of self indulgence and sexual sin. They refuse to forgive and are filled with revenge. I fell off of the path a few times myself swayed by others who did not obey the Lord. How I have learned that we are not to leave the barn at all!!! We are to stay close to the door or we could end up in hell. We are each assigned a cross! this is true, but it is to deny ourselves, that is the cross we are given. Jesus said,

Mark 8:34

[The Way of the Cross] Then he called the crowd to him along with his disciples and said: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.

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