Prophetic Dreams

The Eagles are Coming

Get Ready for a 2nd Wind – The Eagles Are Coming!

The Eagles From Lord of the Rings

I was stirred from my sleep at the presence of the Lord. His request was that I pray in intercession for a particular person. As I sat in my bed trying to wake while praying, I entered into a vision. I was looking upward towards the clouds of the sky. They were the blue and white fluffed rolling layered clouds that looked similar to piles of cotton like you see in older paintings of the sky. Large creatures with wings were flying towards me from afar. At first I was not able to recognize their size or distance, they were coming closer and I was just beginning to faintly make out what these winged creatures were. My attempt to see them in more detail as they flew closer was interrupted by an incomparable power that drew me to turn my head. The power I felt was stronger than anyone I had ever been in the presence of before. The clouds had formed a stairway through the middle of the sky toward heaven, and on the stairs were souls of people who were coming from Earth.

It was unclear if these people had died due to a tragic event or a major disaster, or if this was the everyday occurrence of the dead arriving to meet the Lord in the air. The stairway was full. The power was so immense, I could hardly breath. I found myself gasping for breath, but I had such a strong desire to see who was at the top of the stairs that I forced my head to turn as far as it could looking upward toward heaven. It took all my strength. I wanted to see him. And there he was. Jesus was standing in front of an open door at the top of the stairs as people were meeting him. There was no detail, he was too far away, too distant in the clouds, but I could make out the outline of his body. He embraced someone in a hug and later I thought of the scripture and imagined Jesus saying, “well done my good and faithful servant”. I’m still gasping for breath feeling this heavy awesome power that kept me from breathing completely or too deep. I was only able to take shallow gasps of air as I’m taking in this incredible scene when the thought occurred to me, Jesus is so incredibly powerful, why don’t we experience his power as strong as it is now in this moment on earth?

Comparing his power, I was perplexed and also disappointed at the absence of truly understanding who he is and the awesomeness of his power as strong as this in our everyday lives. I knew there was nothing he couldn’t do and there was nothing impossible for him. It was very clear that Jesus alone had the power to welcome each soul into heaven (or reject them). Would you let someone into your house that you didn’t know? There is no doubt that he alone is the door through whom each person would arrive at. Everyone there, all the dead knew this to be true regardless of anything they had thought while on Earth. He ruled over both Heaven and Earth. Yet, I felt the contrast between the two worlds. It reminds me of how a bride wears a veil before she marries which disturbs a clear view of her beloved. There was a distinct difference between our worlds as we experience the presence of God in real time.

I gasped to take another breath again as I watched him open his arms and hug the next person that was entering heaven. I tried to watch more intensely to see more detail, but the force of his power made my head turn away to focus once again on the birds as they were getting much closer in view. Their enormous size was just as breathtaking and I realized these were gigantic eagles sent from the Lord. Huge and powerful, their wings filled the sky heading towards the Earth. It was if they were coming to rescue the weak in this hour. My mind began to remember scenes from a movie, the Lord of the Rings, where the Eagles were summoned to rescue Gandalf, the hobbit and the rest of their company from a desperate place. Without this outside help, they would come to their end. The Eagles were coming for the living and sent as help. As quickly as the vision started I was coming back to myself sitting in my bed in my room left to ponder what I had just witnessed. His presence lingers and I try to focus on his incredible power each time I pray knowing he can do whatever he wills!

This vision occurred in March of 2021

Take heart and rejoice. God’s people are about to experience a 2nd wind, a renewed strength in this last hour.

Isaiah 40:31
but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Exodus 19:4‘You yourselves have seen what I did to Egypt, and how I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself.

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