Why Dreams?
Why am I so drawn to dreams as a language from heaven? There are so many other ways to explain how God communicates to people, ways that don’t give the proverbial eyebrow raise toward questionable reason or logic. I’m passionate about our spiritual life, I could be an advocate of all sorts of biblical communication but the truth is, my dreams and visions have led me here.

As far back as I can recall, there is something I have always understood. I have a deep sense of eternity (Ecclesiastes 3:11). As a visionary, I can see far ahead of the road and that’s exactly how my journey with God began (Isaiah 46:10). My first vision was laid out for me like a story in the making. One that reflected 30 years of many pitfalls and necessary deliverances of my life before I would be at peace with God. In this back to front beginning to end reflection were scenes of horror, deception, deliverance weaved within it a story of hope and ultimately, love. This is the first way God chose to communicate with me and he continues to give me dreams and visions today (Job 4:12-13). I’ve dreamed of the big stuff like Presidents and wars and the details that are necessary to navigate life like work, family and friends (Psalm 143:10). I am absolutely certain God guides us through visions and our dreams in the night. I would not be complete if I could not share with you all I have learned. My prayer is through my life you might glean hope for living life and deepen your relationship with God, ultimately to trust him with everything.