About Star

This dynamic personality shares her story and Christian testimony through blogging and podcasting. Like so many others, she experienced childhood trauma and abuse that set her on a path of rebellion. She had supernatural experiences early on and inherited the gift of dreams and visions.  Yet, found herself lured into the adult entertainment industry, sexual promiscuity and occasional drug use.

Her desire to discover the mystery of dreams intensified when her Mother passed away after having a dream of Jesus return. Several years later, and within just a few years of her own personal salvation story, the Lord gave her the interpretation to her Mother’s dream that left her shaken and in awe. Since that time, she’s received intense training from the Holy Spirit accompanied by educational learning from John Paul Jackson’s late ministry and other prophetic voices on dream interpretation. In 2010 Star was given a strong warning dream of the anti-Christ quickly rising, the prominence of sexual identity crisis and balls of fire falling on America. She continues to have warning dreams for her own personal life and of the Lord’s return. One of Star’s greatest desires is to help others find answers from their dreams and discover the real meanings to your dream language. Her Dream Courses & Spiritual Coaching sessions will set you on the right path towards understanding your dream language.

Star is;

The Executive Director of Breadcrumb Ministries, a non-profit organization Author – get your published Bible devotional journal here .

Star received her Masters of Arts in Religion Biblical Studies from Liberty University in Jan of 2012 and graduated with a Masters of Divinity in Theology in March, 2013

She earned a BA in Accounting from the University of Phoenix in Dec 2008

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts Tempe Arizona Life Coaching 2014

Star worked in the adult entertainment industry for 13 years. She finally surrendered to Jesus as Lord of her life when she became pregnant with her 2nd child outside of wedlock in 2006.

My life reflects an ongoing spiritual change as I follow our Lord and Savior. It is not a perfect life, and might be viewed as a messy life as I am trying to navigate in this world but it is a life surrendered to God.  I have vowed to stay authentic in my journey and remain transparent as possible to keep this life’s trek real. I am in process. We all are.