3 Sources of Dreams

There are 3 possible Sources to our dreams

God – Dreams and Visions are modalities that God uses to speak to us. He gives them to his servants and to those who don’t yet serve him. When God gives a dream the message will line up with His Word. God will never lead a person into committing sin. A person who receives dreams and visions from the Lord which foretell of the future are known as Prophets (Numbers 12:6) and their words are to be weighted and tested. Since it is a supernatural gift, the dreamer has the affect and ability to lead people astray and away from truth (Jeremiah 23:32). God takes this very seriously and Old Testament instructed that the judgment for a false prophet would require their death. God is also very strict on how one receives an interpretation of a dream and condemns meanings given by false prophets, diviners, mediums and sorcerers.

God is all powerful and all knowing and Holy. His existence is from a place not visible to humanity and therefore, Dreams and Visions from the Lord are not always pleasant, they can be frightening, disquieting, troubling, even terrifying. When God’s angels appear they reassure the dreamer not to fear.  Dreams can impart knowledge and understanding. They are filled with metaphors, parables and riddles resembling how Jesus talked with people. Dreams can reveal personal idols that will speak deceitfully. Dreams can bring healing and revelation. Dreams from the Lord will ultimately bring glory to God.

Self – Everyone dreams. Scientist do not understand why the brain dreams but have proven that animals and even some birds dream. It is a natural phenomenon and how our body was designed to function. Sometimes we remember our dreams when they occur near waking. Remembering a dream does not mean it is from the Lord. These things will affect the human mind and impact your dreams….

what you watch – what you listen to – what you think/focus on – what you believe – what you eat (including medications)

Satan’s dominion – Lucifer aka Satan also gives dreams and visions. He is described as disguising himself as an angel of light when revealing himself to humans (2 Corinthians 11:14). Why? Because God is light and people want to believe in God. Therefore, he is attempting to be accepted and received before delivering his message that will lead one away from truth. Quite often Satan will use partial scripture to provide a false sense of acceptability of being light and the dreamer stops questioning the experience with him. Satan appeared to Jesus using parts of scripture. A spirit from Satan’s dominion often hooks the dreamer through “secrets” or “mysteries” that set a person up for personal power. You can recognize the power through sexual sin, exclusion from others and financial power. Many religious sects began from seeing this angel of light;

Mormonism – Joseph Smith Jr received a vision from an angel of light called Moroni in 1823 who told him there were plates of Gold that contained commandments of God but he could not get them right now. Translating these golden plates from Reformed Egyptian language resulted in the Book of Mormon. They cannot be examined because Joseph Smith stated that he gave them back to the angel Moroni.

Islam/Muslim – Muhammad was visited by an angel of light in the cave of Hira in 610 (after Christ). Muhammad himself thought he was demon possessed and the encounter left him wanting to commit suicide! It was on his 3rd encounter from this angel of light that it told him he was Gabriel and made him recite words now known as the Quran. You can read a great comparison to his encounter versus encounters found in the Bible here

Hinduism has a supreme spirit of light, Brahman

Buddhism – Siddhartha aka Buddha’s encounter is not written by his own hand but it is interesting that his revelation is described as Nirvana “perfect enlightenment”. He spends 6 years practicing asceticism, a form of extreme self discipline that avoids all pleasure and meditation (yoga) but this failed him so he quit. Soon after he sits under a tree and goes into deep meditation which actually conjures up demons. He turns the demonic attack into raining flowers and rainbow lights. The demon then parades a string of women before him which he ignores to continue concentrating when he finally becomes “omniscient” which literally means the “state of knowing everything” also called “No-more-Learning” aka fully awakened. He graduates to the level of Buddha. Interesting enough, right before Buddha find his way to the Mayayana path of meditation he enters a state called Vajra-like concentration. Buddha Vajrasattva is the aggregate of consciousness of all the Buddhas, appearing in the aspect of a white-coloured Deity specifically in order to purify sentient beings’ negativity. Here’s your angel of light.

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