Animals & Spirits

Your dreams reveal a spiritual world by the use of symbolism. The Bible tells of animals in dreams used to express meaning and tell a story to the dreamer that can be found throughout the Old and New Testaments. There are so many dream sites on the internet that list individual meanings so the list compiled here is not exhaustive, but please use it in addition to other resources

Ants – Warning. invasive or invasion. Corroded from the inside out. unclean. 

Bear – Very dangerous spirit. Unpredictable, deadly. Their offspring (baby bears) seem playful and harmless, but this is a fatal deception as this spirit has a hierarchy aka Mother Bear. BEWARE

Birds – Raven, Dove, Quail, Sparrow, Eagles. Very symbolic in nature and are used as an answer to prayer. Quail fell from the sky for the Children of Israel to eat until full. Ravens delivered food to the Prophet Elijah twice a day while he waited in the wilderness (1 Kings 17:6). Noah sent out a dove to test the height of the waters. A dove fell upon Jesus representing the Holy Spirit. Eagles wings come after waiting. A Rooster’s crow mark’s Peter’s denial of Jesus. God tells us his eye is on the smallest of sparrows and we are much more valuable to Him then they are. Scripture tell us we are gathered to him and protected under his wings.

Cats – Can represent unclean spirits, sneaky. undercover attacks. Seductive. Ask God to reveal. (I love real cats tho!)

Dogs – Dogs usually represent friendship, loyalty & protection unless the dog is growling or vicious which means a friend may be turning against a person.

Lizard, Gecko, Chameleon – Unclean. can multiply lies. replaces one lie with another. Takes on a form to conceal or hide truth. a rough time of it. 

Rats – Smart, clean, responsive but still unclean from a biblical interpretation. Often represent people trapped in a process of sin aka “the rat race”. Can represent a time of testing or what you once were, you are being tested to be purified. Out with the old in with the new.

Sloth – Represents lack of speed, a slow process – a long process.

Snake – seductive spirit, a spirit of reasoning. good with words. appeal to the natural mind that leads to justification to rebel. Partial truths, lying spirit filled with tales to tell. Tries to multiply. Deadly, Venomous. Seeing a snake in your dream means a person is being harassed by lies, accusations or tales being told about them intended for great harm.

Spider – Always scheming, sets traps and snares. deadly. wants to enslave. Very deceptive. Weaves many lies. Preserves information to spin a tale of lies. Back and forth motion. Will be torn away from it’s place.

White Rabbit – This is a deceptive spirit. Masters at dangling false promises that never come to pass. The promises will be outside of God’s character, many times about relationships. Ask God to deliver you from evil and slow down its speed so that you can get to the end of the matter.  This spirit is very hard to discern for the dreamer, but not as difficult for an outsider. Take another brother or sisters insight seriously.

Wilder Beast – Wild. Untamed. Not of the Lord’s doing. Run in packs, betrayal.