Dream Symbolism

The symbolic nature God uses to communicate with us in our dreams are Biblical and go back to the first dreams of Joseph (the boy who owned the coat of many colors). While his dreams were filled with symbolism, the meaning of this dream was instantly understood by all. However, TIME is what caused this dream to be tested and didn’t prove true until 13 years later and a plot that took Joseph captive as a slave far away from his people. So it’s not always the symbolism that stumps our understanding of a dream.

Symbolism is often easier to interpret because it contains powerful metaphors that can easily be communicated to the dreamer. For example, dreaming of a rat may bring these types of feelings or thoughts;

caught in a cage

proverbial rat race

a person who rats you out

Pesky thief

Pet, clean and intelligent

Chinese zodiac sign

a lovable cartoon character who can cook

a burrowing animal who is hidden in walls

Symbolism seen in our dreams reflect our culture in time and help us travel through time to surpass its constraints to reveal higher spiritual meaning and purpose. Symbolism lays out character, traits and can quite easily offer the dreamer a theme of which God is using to communicate your direction and His purpose. For example, if you dream of a car, a story can emerge from interpreting the symbolism from observing key information;

who is driving the car

what type of car is it

what condition is the car in

is it moving or still

where are you going

It is these types of observations that can tell a story much quicker than just words. If God is attempting to communicate with you that He is in control of your life, you may not be driving the car but you may be a passenger in the car. He is attempting to assure you to trust Him through what you are going through, that He sees you and affirm that you are not alone. If you are driving the car or in the drivers seat God may be showing you direction and purpose

People in our dreams are also symbolic representations for the dreamer most of the time. Misunderstanding the nature of their symbolic meaning is one of the biggest mistakes dreamers make concerning others and instead take the dream as a literally representation for a specific person. For example, if you have a dream of a friend you knew many years ago but currently have no relationship with, rather than the dream actually being about the friend, it is symbolism for time and length of time. Perhaps an error in your thinking occurred so many years ago when you knew that person, so the dream isn’t about that person at all. This would be considered a warning or corrective dream. God is trying to get you to understand the problem or issue has been with you a long time. Another example is a dream that contains a famous person (think degree of fame/worship, money or worldliness) or a prominent leader like the President (think level of power). The dream typically is not at all about that person, but represents the level or degree of the stronghold of your thinking and/or action in your spiritual life. Try to interpret the meaning of the dream with scripture references and then use the identity of the person(s) to apply the level of impact to the meaning. Change begins in your own personal house, mind & spirit. I cannot emphasize enough to use scripture to give your dream a true spiritual interpretation.