Play on Words

The Bible uses Play on Words to make a point to the reader. Often lost from it’s original Hebrew & Greek when translated to other languages.

Your dreams will often express a similar play on words using people’s names or symbols.

Try it for yourself.

Mari or Mary = Marry. Something so close. A promise. Meant to be. Spiritual. If the promise is from God, let no person separate, break apart or keep separate. Destined to be together. Will come to pass.

Marcus = These persons have been “marked”, “mark us”. You can be marked by the Lord. You can be marked by the enemy for attack.

Sidewalk = There is someone or something happening on the side. There is a side to your original path. You have a “side walk”.

Anthony = Anthem. A song of loyalty or devotion, a choral singing based on a promise. Loyalty to a cause. Triumphant.

Punch Bowl = Punch Line, who gets the last laugh. The bottom line, the last word, the final say.