Surroundings & Situations

Clothing or Naked in Public – This dream is not about wardrobe malfunction. It indicates a personas willingness to be vulnerable or transparent. Clothing at the wrong places or wrong times indicates a resistance or deception of self towards the Lord and his truths. Pay attention. Should you wear clothes in a pool? Are you hiding things from the Lord? This needs to be in context.

Falling – Some part of a persons life is out of control or the person is losing control and is growing anxious.

Flying – A person has the ability to rise above problems and move in the spiritual realm.

Losing a Wallet or Purse – More than financial loss, this dream could mean a person has lost status, identity or purpose.

Taking a Test – Being in a classroom type setting/taking a test often means that one is going through a time of testing. You are being tried for the purposes of promotion. This is similar to a race. Complete the race set before you. Don’t quit before you reach the finish line.