• Dream Dictionary


    Arm – strength, faith

    Apple – apples are associated with knowledge, temptation, and immortality. The term “apple” is used in various idioms and expressions. For instance, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a popular saying that emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Similarly, “the apple of someone’s eye” refers to a person who is highly cherished or loved by someone else.

    Alligator – Ancient, big mouth big bite, twists the truth, evil out of the past, danger.

    Automobile – personal ministry, your destiny or life.


    Backyard/Backdoor – Think of the past. Something already done. A way around the truth.  Another way. Sneaky. Insincere. 

    Beach – Calming. A place where the natural mind and the spiritual realm meet. A coming together. Mixing of Earth and water. 

    Bears – danger, a trick. caution. Includes baby bears regardless of their cute appearances or playful demeanor. Something you should consider very carefully. 

    Bedroom – Deepest place of the soul. Heart of hearts. 

    Bathroom – A place of cleansing, getting rid of dirt. To get cleaned up. Private. Kept pure. A place to change, hide, wash.

    Egyptian Beatle – Resurrection

    Bicycle – journey alone. Single minded. Without outside direction to a destination. Going on your own, can mean without God.


    Cartoon – Dreaming in Cartoon means that you are being told a story. Example, seeing a fairy means you are being shown a fairytale and is an indicator your dream is events that will occur over time. (also true of seeing mythical type characters that do not really exist)

    Color – If a color stands out it likely has meaning and/or contrast. Specific colors and their symbols and meanings can be found http://www.colormatters.com/color-symbolism/the-meanings-of-colors

    Cars – ways of thinking. Control or lack of control. A means of travel, how to get from one place to another. Represent movement. Often thought of as Ministry or Calling. Destiny. There is something you must know.  

    Chair – serious news or a concerning discussion, take a seat, I have something to say, we need to talk

    Cook Cooking – preparation. Cooking evidence, false. Changing shape and form of ingredients. Change. Servant. 

    Couch in your dream represents relaxation, non-movement, not going anywhere, comfort, too comfortable to get up or change. 

    Credit Cards in your dream represents a debt you owe or someone feels you owe them. Bondage, Payback with interest. 

    Coin – Seeing a coin in your dream means there is a double meaning or two viewpoints. Sometimes only seen in hindsight or after you have come through something and on the other side of it. 

    Cloak – Covering. Hidden. Secret.


    Dan – Vindication

    Deer –  animal, play on words something or someone dear to you, 

    Diamond – Value or worth. Strength. Represents levels of purity and clarity.

    Dog – Friend. Betrayal. 

    Donkey – Humbleness. Stubborn. 

    Doors – A passage, a way out good or bad. Doors in the front of the house are in the present or are before you. Doors that lead to the back of the house are things already done, history, looking back. Doors opened on a car represent opportunity. Observe the type of vehicle to determine good or bad.


    Elephant – Obvious. Loyalty. Remember. 

    Eyes in people are animals represent a desire to know. They are telling one to be open to learn something new or gain understanding. Receive and admiration.

    Right Eye – Doing what is right, or Darkened or bruised/black right eye = worthless leader, a stumbling block, judged to blindness for evil. Thought to be associated with the illuminati  


    Feelings – How you feel in a dream is not always accurate. Don’t go by what you feel, but what you are shown.

    Fairy – A story to be told. 

    Fish – Provision. Souls of people. 

    Fly Flies – Fly on the wall, spy, devourer, swarm

    Frog – unclean spirit, devastator, plague

    Front – the present, the future, prophecy. Things to come, truth. Honesty.

    Fruit – Works. Spiritual growth. Readiness. 


    Giants – Fearful, Afraid. 

    Glass – Seeing a drinking glass in your dream represents your perspective (is it half, full or empty).  Clarity. See Water

    Glasses – Viewpoint. 

    Golf – The number 18 is significant. Is the color Green present?



    Leah, Lea, Lia – Feeling overlooked, Second choice, unloved

    Left – human weakness, rejection. Spiritual change. (see right)

    Levi – The third, attached


    Jewelry represents value and worth. Identity. May be positive or negative. Christians are told not to adorn themselves with gold to entice.

    Judah – Praise to the Lord, The end of a season


    Kiss – Kissing in your dreams are dependent upon the location where the kiss is given and to whom. A kiss on the neck or back of the neck represents betrayal that will sneak up on you. A kiss on the cheek may also represent betrayal but not always. A kiss on the lips represents truth and honesty, love and faithfulness. A Kiss on the front of the hand represents honor and respect. 

    Kitchen a place where things are stored and made. A room where things are cooked up and cleaned up


    Lakes – Large, recreational

    Livingroom – a place of comfort. Not leaving. Not going anywhere. Relaxed


    Money in your dream represents a valuable exchange. Think of paid attention. See also Credit Cards

    Mirror – reflection of self. Mimic. Learn how to act. Practice.



    Oxen (wild) – strength. breaking up hard ground, worker, corrupt government,  

    Ocean = deep, boundaries


    Painting – worth a thousand words. Telling a story. Already exist, an interpretive reflection of something. A Foundation.

    People – Very symbolic. Is not always about the person but can represent periods of time and provide spiritual meaning. Mother’s and unknown women can represent the Holy Spirit that are next to you/with you. The Mother of someone else may represent the enemy’s desire or plan for you. Father’s may represent God. Unknown men likely represent angels acting as messengers. Famous people represent desire, fame or lust. People in Government may represent placements of God or Anti-Christ movement. Family members are proximity markers of emotional closeness or distance.  Colored people typically are symbolic, do not represent race but sinfulness or purity. Weight on people is also symbolic meaning 

    Phones, a form of communication. A sliding phone represents a shift in your ability to communicate or to receive communication.

    Picture – worth a thousand words. Reflection. Artist. Creative. Interpretive

    Pools – crystal clear, clean, controlled

    Pregnant –  Something new is developing. A new idea, thought, feeling, direction. C-sections means you will undergo surgery to be given new sight, or understanding about a matter (SEE a new way/birth). 

    Puddles – muddy, small, evaporate, temporary, pool after a storm

    Pyramids – A time of bondage, slavery. Sold into or taken out of. Deliverance. 


    Quintin, Quinton Quint – Play on words – It’s almost quitting time.


    Rabbit – Seeing a rabbit in your dream can represent, Multiplication, speed, 

    *Seeing a white rabbit in your dream means there is something you need to discover the truth about and seek out. 

    Rainbows – represents promises of God. Given sight after a storm. Often unseen without a heavenly perspective during challenging times or only seen through tears. 

    Refrigerator – Cool down, placed on hold, stopped or frozen. Preserve a little while longer

    Rat – Persons caught in a system unwillingly, think of rat race.  Smart. Intelligent.  

    Reuben – The Lord sees your misery. Time to receive love

    Right – Authority, correct. Natural change. Strong. Majority. Right turn natural change.

    Rivers – running, movement, overtaken, swept away


    Sand – Natural Mind. Earthly matters that can represent the physical realm. Irritating. Buffering. Small and Insignificant in one, vast and great with many. Uncountable. Innumerous. See Beach

    Scorpion represents evil, some event or news that will sting and increase in pain. Biblical believers are given power to overcome these pains after an attack. 

    Season – Prophetic. Predictable. You can see the next thing. Fall Winter Spring Summer. Seasons speak of predictable prophetic appointments. Where you meet God. Circular. Circuits, progressive rotation.

    Sex in your dreams represents a thick bond to an idea or thought, often an idol, represents level of closeness (sometimes innocently). Feeling Screwed over. There is something in your life you should examine. It can represent betrayal, feelings of being cheated or wronged.

    Sexual identity – Double mindedness. Confusion. Thoughts not fully aligned. Out of sync with God. Sins of the flesh. Lustful. Rebellious. Questioning. May represent God brining something to light. Soulful sometimes meaningless. 

    Shampoo – Clean up. Clean up your act. Cleanse your thoughts. Presenting a new.

    Ship – Evangelist. Old method of sharing the gospel. Calling. Ministry. 

    Ships – Fishing. God’s way to share the gospel, ministry. Ancient. Rest and travels with the spirit (see water). Carried by the Holy Spirit. Calling. Moved by the Power of God.

    Shoes – way of thinking. Preparation. Endurance. Walking in peace. 

    Simeon, Simon, Simone – The Lord hears, unloved, a second try or attempt

    Sloth – Slow time in coming. Not diligent. Not concerned. No Change. 

    Snake(s) – deceptive. Speaks lies, tell tales. Can multiply, feels deadly. False accusations, venomous people from your present/past. Ultimately, Believers overcome this enemy. 

    Spider – Sets traps, spins stories. Hard to get out of. Sticky situation. Trapped. 

    Squirrel – Uneasy. Fidgeting. Only concerned with sex. A wandering off the path. Easily distracted. Dissatisfying 

    Staircase – holy city, appointed. Change the life of people. 

    Staircase up,  elevation in the spiritual often equivalent to demotion or persecution in the natural realm

    Sunglasses – Perspective. Faith. Viewpoing. Think of seeing the world through the Son, Christ. Filter things through scripture. Protect what the eyes see, what the spirit is exposed to. Hide behind. 


    Teeth – Need Wisdom or bit off more than you can chew. Seeing vampire teeth will drain your purpose, attempt to re-direct your attention sometimes through relationship bonds.

    Tea Bags – something will take time and will need to endure heat to come to its fullness. Share time with friends. Relaxing. A way to calm someone. Formal Events for discussion. Royalty.

    Time(s) – Linear, beginning. End. Defining moments, epic. There is a time for everything under the sun.  stopping old things, embracing new things. Serves as Prophetic marker. Time for actions

    Tornado – many things will be torn apart.  White tornado God is sending you a whirlwind storm.

    Train – movement, speed. May carry people. Requires more time to stop and arrives and leaves on a schedule. 


    UFO – Deception, death, darkness. Demonic realm



    Waiter – Service. Waiting (upon the Lord). Attending to needs.

    Wall – Stone walled. Stopped. Hard, harsh. Privacy. 

    Water – Often represents the Holy Spirit. Think of types of bodies of water

    *Flash Floods – destructive, washed away, losing self, overwhelmed

    *Dirty Water – being done wrong. Stagnant, stale. 

    Window – Enticement. Temptation. Luring. May represent places of escape. A way to see through, sometimes in hindsight. A way to avoid pain. Given sight. Opportunities good and/or bad. When God closes a door, he opens a window. See Doors

    Weapons – Bombs, Nuclear Bombs, Missiles, Guns, Bazookas, etc…- Pay attention to who is affected by the weapon. For example, if a Nuclear Bomb goes off, is everyone still standing? This is a really good indicator that the symbolism represents some bad information or report you will receive. Health, court orders, finances etc. The type of weapon is the level of impact on you and those around you. Typically, this type of dream is followed by a sign that shows the inability to hear or see the truth from God. It is a time of testing. 




    14 opposite things, happening same exact time

    18 – Freedom after being in bondage, freedom from bondage, healing, the time of the Lord’s reign

    26 – Yahweh 

    2319 – God will do it.  

    28 Prophetic Timeline, circular

    22 – the number of the end times, the number of the Jews. 

    33 – The promise

    3’s, 333 – finally understanding. Patterns, “Great Numbers” of people 3x. 

    444 – Rapture sign

    7 days of Creation
    7 men called “man of God” in the OT
    7 Holidays or Feasts of the Lord
    7 miracles Jesus performed on the Sabbath
    7 seals
    7 trumpets
    7 bowls
    7 = perfection / completion. 
    Receive 7 blessings from the Lord today

    42 – The Meaning of Life

    40 – discovery. wilderness. 

    444 – Rapture, Fulfillment Luke 24:44 He said to them, “This is what I told you while I was still with you: Everything must be fulfilled that is written about me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms.”

    70 – judgment 

    828 – It will all work out for your good!

    832 – Jesus is more than enough